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Black Stump Gallery

EXHIBITION runs 16 August – 28 August 2024
at Black Stump Gallery Broome

Collection available to preview & purchase Friday 16 August 10am

By Josh Windram
This exhibition by Josh Windram delves deep into the theme of balance, where every element within his artworks finds its perfect counterpart to achieve a harmonious equilibrium. Through the interplay of light, evocative colour palettes, intricate textures, and other artistic techniques, Josh offers a collection of landscapes that are both simplified and intuitively resonant.

These artworks capture the essence of the Kimberley with its vastness, serene atmospheres, and vivid, captivating hues. Each piece invites viewers to immerse themselves in the region’s natural beauty and tranquillity; encouraging a deeper connection to the landscapes that inspire his artistic vision.


Friday 16 August 5-7pm

Meet the artist and enjoy music, wine and light refreshments


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About The Artist

Josh’s artworks portray his strong connection with Broome, capturing the colours and uniqueness of the rugged northwest. Josh works on large canvases conveying the vastness and focusing on vibrant uplifting colors with expressive texture creating his inspiring work.