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Black Stump Gallery

EXHIBITION runs 6 September – 19 September 2024
at Black Stump Gallery Broome

Collection available to preview & purchase Friday 6 September 10am

‘Together with Gratitude’
By Betty Rupe
Inspired by togetherness and my gratitude.

My art is around my emotions of awe and amazement that is evoked through my sight. I have been thinking alot about gratitude towards things I love and people.

I see relationships of gratitude everywhere. Kids together on a riverbed.
Boab trees growing in close proximity looking stronger together, sharing there resources. The relationship of flowers.
I love horses and cattle. They were a big part of my youth and I am forever grateful to Pam Taylor of the Nth Wagga Island (RIP) where I spent my youth droving around the stock routes.


Friday 6 September 5-7pm

Meet the artist and enjoy music, wine and light refreshments


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About The Artist

Betty is a talented Western Australian Outback Artist. Her art reflects the emotion and love she has for horses, cattle and the rugged beauty of the Australian outback in oil and acrylic on canvas. Betty has lived in the Outback of WA most of her adult life, predominantly living in Broome from 1995. Betty started painting in 1990 in Leonora inspired by Australia’s Outback. She is driven by the amazing colours, landscape, its people and the incredible history of the North of WA. Painting the life and feeling she gets from the things she sees and knows.