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Black Stump Gallery

Pia has had extensive experience in the Art sector across 25yrs; with formal Fine Art studies at UNSW COFA, WSIT and working for TAFE NSW art department. Moving to Broome in 2003, Pia worked with Indigenous artists throughout the Kimberley and at Short St. Gallery for 16yrs.

Since 2019 Pia has made time to embrace her own creative practice with dedication. Exploring interdisciplinary practices is intrinsic to Pia’s approach. She explores painting with – oils,acrylics,watercolour, often combined with drawing in pastel and charcoal. Weaving with different materials, and ceramics with many different clays & experimental glazing techniques. Pia has found the tactile nature, and emotive response to different mediums to be central in a therapeutic approach to creative practice. These explorations have also led her to further studies in art therapy.

Pia draws inspiration from spending reflective time in nature soaking up impressions of the landscape. These meditative exchanges with nature often give rise to retrospective expressions of what has been absorbed visually and energetically. Her landscapes, verging on abstract, aim to express this intangible experience freely. Often they are a kind of fusion of inner emotional landscapes as much as representative of the natural environment.