Black Stump Gallery

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Black Stump Gallery

Georgie’s art is a love letter to the universe. She paints what she feels, hoping to offer the audience a deep sense of peace, calm, and tranquillity. Her work’s vibrant colours and detailed patterns mirror her surroundings, depicting the energy and wisdom of the Earth and its elements. Making art is a meditative practice for Georgie, favouring soft and fluid mediums that fuse effortlessly with minimal interference.

Georgie has been in constant awe at the wild, raw, and intense beauty of the Kimberley region since arriving in August 2022. Broome holds a familiarity and a deep sense of recognition and belonging for Georgie. It feels like home, reminding her of times in her early childhood when she wandered barefoot through the red dirt, exploring the bushland, rivers, and waterholes of outback Northern Territory.

Broome also resembles the culture and small-town feel of Georgie’s more recent and long-term home of Magnetic Island, a tropical paradise in North Queensland where she has spent countless hours exploring. Roaming the pristine beaches and freediving the fringing reef of ‘Maggie’ awakened a deep respect and curiosity for the ocean and what lies beneath the surface.

Today, if not already immersed in art, you might find Georgie wandering the beaches of Broome, soaking in the colours, searching for tracks and patterns left in the sand, and planning a new collection to bring it all together.