Black Stump Gallery

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Black Stump Gallery

Garry Sibosado is a Bard man living in Lombadina in the West Kimberley. Garry creates works out of his studio where he has direct access to the materials and influences that he incorporates into his art.

Using native local ebony (birrmbirr), mother of pearl (guan), Kimberley pearls as well as precious metals and stones, Garry combines contemporary techniques with traditional designs to produce wearable and visual art that reflects his strong links to the land and sea.

From an early age Garry displayed a talent for drawing. In his mid-teens he started carving and engraving under the guidance of his tribal elders who were custodians and creators of significant traditional artifacts. He now has permission to use the symbols of the Riji (distinctive guan carvings used for trade, ceremony and personal adornment).

Garry is a master in the art of Riji symbols, engraving and inlay. He continues to be guided by the traditional cultural practices of his people as he develops unique contemporary interpretations in his art.