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Flatback Turtle Hatchling – Tom Montgomery



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Watercolour on cotton paper with frame
Size: 77 x 77 cm
Price: $3500
During the turtle nesting season in Broome, Western Australia, this flatback sea turtle hatchling was found struggling to make its way to the sea. Despite its best efforts, the turtle lacked the strength to swim and was repeatedly washed back onto the shore. Fortunately, the Broome Turtle Monitoring team quickly spotted the turtle and sprang into action. They carefully transported the turtle in a black cap to a rehabilitation centre. It received the necessary care and support it needed before being released back into the wild. It was heartening to see the team’s dedication in ensuring the survival of this magnificent species
Note: Take a closer look, and you’ll discover the story of my encounters from that day, hidden within the grains of sand.

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