Black Stump Gallery

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Black Stump Gallery

Renowned artist Douglas Kirsop celebrates the Western Australian landscape in his oil and watercolour paintings. Since 1985 Douglas has travelled many times to the north to paint including the Pilbara, Kimberley, Murchison as well as the Northern Territory. The north will always have a fascination and be an endless source of inspiration.

Douglas’ paintings hang in private and corporate collections in Australia and throughout the world.

Artist Statement

The experience gained in the formative years of painting and drawing from life has helped train my eye to observe. My work is often about light and how it falls on landscape. The landscape forms the basis of my subject matter whether figuratively or simply exploring its abstract properties. The ancient qualities and size of Australian landscape also contribute to the challenge of interpreting it through painting.

My art is expressed through the language of painting by my reaction to a visual experience. It may be landscape, the play of light over a subject, the movement of water, the colour of rock, but I am compelled and inspired to put it down on paper or canvas and develop it further in the studio.

The process and purpose of making art is my way of reasoning my position in the world whose beauty I attempt to reflect and capture.