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Black Stump Gallery

Claudia was born in Berlin, Germany, in 1961. Her first experience as an artist was when she explored pottery and painting 25 years ago. In 2006 she started to design jewellery, using Broome Pearls, local crocodile leather and gold nuggets amongst other gems.

Claudias influences are the colours of the Kimberley and it’s magnificent sunsets. It was in Broome that Claudia realised that utilising the natural materials within the region inspired her artistic path and provided travellers and locals alike with a unique and collectable piece of the Kimberley. Her love of prospecting and fossicking and utilising her local finds within her artwork has created many stunning pieces.

Claudia’s amazing range of skills are self taught and she is on a continual life journey of exploration of new techniques and media.

She is currently working from her home in Broome of 22 years.

Claudia also enjoys creating ceramic work and painting.